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ID. software 3.0 Over-the-Air update

Now ready: the next software update for your ID.  


With ID. software 3.0 Volkswagen provides you with new  features and improvements free of charge. Many of these improvements are based on the feedback and ideas of the customers.

Your ID. has already received the new 12 volt battery and ID. software 2.4 from your Volkswagen Partner? Then now you are ready to receive the next big update, ID. software 3.0.

A reset to previous software versions is not possible.

  • Why install the 3.0 update?

    Software updates provide new features and optimisations to your ID. and keep it up to date with the latest digital developments from Volkswagen. With this update, you benefit from new functions and applications – simply Over-the-Air.

  • How do I get the update?

    The requirements for receiving ID. software 3.0 Over-the-Air are an active We Connect Start contract, a Volkswagen ID user account and the installation of  ID. software 2.4 on your vehicle.

One update, two parts

A visualisation of the phases of the Over-the-Air update

The ID. software 3.0 update consists of two parts. In order to receive the full benefits of ID. software 3.0 please install part 1 and part 2 of the update. With Over-the-Air updates you can update your ID. at a time that fits for you. Please also carefully read the instructions provided in the “Release Notes” for each part of the update – these are displayed in the infotainment system of the ID.

Is your ID. in “Online mode”?

Does “Online mode” mean I am sending or sharing my location data?


ID. software 3.0 – at a glance

Here you will find an overview of what is updated with ID. software 3.0 and how to carry out the update. Detailed information, and tutorial films can be accessed by using the provided link under each section.

The interior of a fully electric ID. model with the infotainment system

What is being updated with 3.0?

Here you will find detailed information, photos and tutorial films about what the software update contains.

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How can I install the 3.0 update?

Here you will find detailed step-by-step instructions for how to install part 1 and part 2 of the 3.0 update.

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Have questions about the update?

If you have questions about the update, please have a look at the frequently asked questions section.

ID. software 3.0 – what’s updated?  

Prerequisite for the software 3.0 update:

ID. software 2.4

Prerequisite for the software 3.0 update:

ID. software 2.4

A service employee hands over the keys of a VW ID. to the owner of the car and his daughter

Find out more about the 12 volt battery exchange with ID. software 2.4 update service campaign. This service campaign needs to be completed at your preferred Volkswagen Partner location before you can install ID. software 3.0.

To find out more about what is being updated and how to make an appointment with your preferred Volkswagen Partner, click on the button.

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What does ID. software 3.0 contain?

The ID. software 3.0 Over-the-Air update brings many advantages free of charge. For more information about the update, click on the links below:

More about Optimised charging and energy management
More about Improved navigation
More about Comfort
More about Voice control
More about In-Car Apps and Functions
More about Mobile Online Services

Optimised charging and energy management

Comfort and time savings with shorter charging stops.

With ID. software 3.0, the high-voltage battery charging performance is improved and a time saving is achieved.

Improving the traffic flow: V2X technology

With ID. software 3.0, the infotainment system has been updated to enable improved accessibility to the privacy settings for V2X technology.

More information about V2X: Local hazard warning using V2X technology enables vehicles to communicate directly with each other and with their environment. The local hazard warning alerts you, for example, to breakdown points, the ends of traffic jams, construction and accident sites, special vehicles, and emergency breaking situations with vehicles in front. V2X can only be experienced if you activate it in the vehicle settings. When activated, your ID. also receives and sends information to other V2X participants.

No We Connect contract or Volkswagen ID user account is required.

Vehicle2X (V2X) technology – local traffic hazard alert
Privacy in user management
Image of a display – privacy settings

Enhanced privacy settings menu setup

With this software update, you have the possibility to see the current privacy status, open privacy settings and view detailed information text about each of the settings – all through the control center. The user can personalise their settings in the infotainment system and – provided the user is logged into the vehicle – also save them.

Anonymous guest users can also select “Online mode” or “Offline mode” (with or without location data) in the welcome screen.

Decide for yourself what data you want to send or share. All online services that do not match your privacy settings will be disabled in the vehicle. Additionally, the main user and guest users can deactivate vehicle services that should not process personal data via the product list in the myVolkswagen App or in browser via myVolkswagen – this ensures that only the respective service in the vehicle prevents communication (except for legally required functions such as eCall).


In the ID. Family you can keep an eye on what is important.

The optional Augmented Reality Head-up Display can show you vital information directly in your field of vision. Thanks to augmented reality (AR) technology you can see the navigation directions for the road you are driving along or where you need to turn directly on the road. This helps you reach your destination in a more relaxed manner. With ID. software 3.0 the AR Head-up Display will be expanded to include additional indications in the long-distance area, such as a warning on the battery charge level (SOC) as well as improved direction information and distance information from the optional navigation system.

Your ID. understands you better

In order for your car to understand you and communicate with you even better with the voice control, Volkswagen improved the voice input and output. The response speed of the voice control reacts more quickly and the quality of the responses also increases compared to the last software version. To make your car understand you and communicate with you even better.

Voice control and online voice control

Thanks to voice control with online functions, a wide range of infotainment and vehicle functions can be controlled with your natural voice. With this the ID. can understand freely formulated and more colloquial questions and articulations. The interaction starts with the wake-up phrase “Hello ID.” or with the use of the steering wheel button. With this update, the voice control reaction speed becomes faster and the commands are understood more reliably.

A valid We Connect Plus contract and a Volkswagen ID user account are required for the online functions of voice control.

In-Car Apps

The In-Car App “We Charge” supports you with charging. We Charge can help you find charging stations on a map around your current location or at your destination and then start navigating you there.

With this update, the In-Car App allows you to add functionality such as charging station utilisation statistics, advanced filtering options and the display of point of interest in the surrounding area.

This update enables the In-Car App user to provide feedback on charging stations in the form of a star rating and to report problems. Furthermore, users can see the average star ratings given as well as reported and validated problems (e.g. malfunctions) for charging stations.

More Mobile Online Services

Currently you are using We Connect Start with your ID. model. With this update you now have the option to receive the next generation of Mobile Online Services free of charge, consisting of two packages: We Connect and We Connect Plus.

We Connect includes additional vehicle-related services, such as the status of doors and lights, and is unlimited in duration.  

We Connect Plus includes, among other things, the new Online Point of Interest search for navigation, and Volkswagen also covers the data costs for internet radio. We Connect Plus can be extended for a fee after an initial period.

  • We Connect ID. App – parking position

    The parking position service displays the last transmitted vehicle location based on GPS coordinates. In this way, the vehicle and the way to it can be found quickly, so that the position can also be shared with others via smartphone.

    • Easy location of the vehicle, for example in cities or large parking lots based on the exact address
    • Quick access to the vehicle via navigation using the We Connect ID. App