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Repair any damages to the paintwork, replace vehicle body parts

For a flawless outer body

A small scratch or scrape? Learn here how important an intact vehicle body really is and how small damages can be made to virtually disappear with our Volkswagen paint sticks.

Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts

Tailor-made and strong

Our vehicle body parts lend your Volkswagen the stability it needs, helping reduce the extent of damages in the event of a collision. All our parts have been specially developed for your original vehicle and as such, can be seamlessly integrated, saving you time and money when it comes to repairs.

Your benefits

  • Increased safety:
    Due to robust vehicle body, sheet thickness and absorption of energy generated by a collision.
  • The perfect fit:
    Quick and affordable assembly thanks to precision fit.
  • Original design:
    Your Volkswagen stays a Volkswagen.

A captivating outer body

The vehicle body parts of your Volkswagen not only look spectacular, they also protect you, your passengers and other road users.

Our Paint Sprays and Paint Sticks

Exactly the right colour

Small damages to paintwork can happen very quickly, but don’t worry: With our genuine paint sprays and sticks, they’re easy to remove. Find the exact colour of your Volkswagen – also available in a set with a clear coat.

Your benefits

  • Volkswagen Genuine Colours:
    Available in all standard Volkswagen colours. Also available for older models.
  • In a set with a clear coat:
    For the best possible result – also available for metallic and pearl effect paintwork.
  • For quick and simple protection:
    Prevent the spread of rust around damaged areas.

Trust the original

Product tests conducted by independent testing institutes regularly confirm the high quality of Volkswagen Genuine Parts®. Find out more here and accompany a crash test in the video.

A comparison that pays off: Independent testing institutes have carried out a product and repair cost comparison on the Golf VII: In this crash test, Volkswagen Genuine Parts® and competitor parts were compared in the body area. At first glance, our Genuine Parts may seem more expensive than competitor products, but they offer high quality and safety. This can pay off in a crash.

Outstanding service in the event of an accident

Accident specialist

Expert knowledge, from the repairs following an accident to assistance with dealing with material damage, and cutting edge workshop equipment and original materials.

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