A man is about to get into a yellow VW T-Cross in front view that’s parked in front of a Garden entrance to a house.

The new T-Cross

Your companion for everyday life and leisure

Striking design, lots of room with compact dimensions, advanced technology to provide more comfort for your everyday and your free time: The new T-Cross playfully fulfils the requirements of a modern compact SUV. 

A yellow and a blue VW T-Cross drive past each other on a road in the city.

SUV design 

The clear lines of the new T-Cross lends it a expressive character.

A young woman pushes a ladder through the open boot lid of a yellow VW T-Cross.

Variable interior 

When the rear seat bank is folded down, the flexible interior of the new T-Cross offers up to 1,281 litres of storage space.

Detailed view of the cockpit of a VW T-Cross behind the steering wheel.

Modern technology 

The optional high-resolution 26 cm (10 inch) instrument cluster of the Digital Cockpit Pro shows the vehicle data such as speed and engine speed – digital and freely configurable.


More than bits and bytes 

Volkswagen’s connectivity offerings give you more convenience and entertainment. Connecting your T-Cross to the internet and your smartphone helps you to arrive at your destination in a more relaxed way – the only thing you still have to do is drive.

Test drive

Would you like to experience the T-Cross live and in person? Just suggest your preferred time for a test drive.

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