A VW service employee measures the tread depth of a VW car

Safe on the road: Inspection, maintenance and services for your car

Safe on the road: Inspection, maintenance and services for your car

Your Volkswagen gives its all for you. Give us a just few minutes to give it the once over. On this page you find out more about maintenance, inspection intervals and what is done.

Intervals and scope of the inspection

"Service is due?"

Depending on the vehicle equipment and operating conditions, the inspection of your vehicle will either be a fixed service or a flexible service. Whether you have an up!, Polo, Golf, Passat, Tiguan or another Volkswagen – all safety-relevant aspects of your car will be tested and serviced by workshop professionals. The vehicle diagnosis detects any defects in the vehicle electronics. Inquire online about your inspection intervals and their scope.

A woman and a VW service employee talking about the inspection of her car

When is it time for the next service?

An inspection includes all maintenance work that is necessary to keep your car safe, both in terms of operational safety and traffic safety. Find out here exactly what is examined during the inspection, from the electronics, engine and gears, to the running gear and the vehicle body.

The sticker in the door pillar or the service interval display on your speedometer – where to find your next service appointment depends on one thing: Is it with or without an oil change?

Services for your Volkswagen

Our Original Services are specially designed for you and your Volkswagen. Make the most of experienced engineers and the latest technical equipment. Find out for yourself!