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The new Passat

The comfortable solution. For everything. The new Passat.

Are you always on the go, travelling frequently for business while managing the family’s day-to-day? Then a reliable vehicle is what you need by your side. But the new Passat1 is much more than just that: its job is to make your job easier. Its intuitive functions make every journey a comfortable experience. At the highest level.

The new Passat has many highlights. Check out these three:

Passat Estate diagrammatic representation of the "Travel Assist" with several sensors


Travel Assist

Keeps you in lane. And others at a distance.

IQ.LIGHT Matrix LED headlights 

A dynamic look. Without the dazzle.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Keeps a distance. And to speed limits.

Passat IQ.LIGHT - LED-Matrix-headlights R-Line
Passat automatic distance control ACC, diagrammatic representation of the predictive speed control


Keeps you in lane. And others at a distance.

With the optional ‘Travel Assist’, you have an extremely useful drive assist system on board. At the touch of a button, it ensures the ultimate in driving comfort1,2, as it assists you in monotonous and tiring driving situations:

  • ‘Travel Assist’ can help you keep to your lane and speed and factor in the distance from the vehicle ahead, particularly on motorways and well-designed country roads.
  • Combined with the dual clutch gearbox DSG, it lets you relax when driving in traffic jams and stop-start traffic.

1. Within the system’s limitations.
2. The driver must be ready at all times to override the assist system and is not released from their responsibility to drive the vehicle safely.


A dynamic look. Without the dazzle.

The optional IQ.LIGHT –  Matrix LED headlights shine without dazzling others thanks to Dynamic Light Assist. 1 Depending on the driving situation, individual LED segments are switched on or off specifically for lighting distribution.
Whether you’re driving in town during the day, on country roads at night, or the motorway in bad weather: your IQ.LIGHT – Matrix LED headlights will adapt. This ensures a relaxed drive not just for you, but the people driving towards or ahead of you, too.

1 within the system’s limitations

Discover even more – in the new Passat 

The new Passat is sure to impress with its powerful, efficient drive, modern technology and convenient equipment. 

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