Volkswagen provides information: our customer information

Important customer information

Find all the latest information on the diesel issue and how to find out if your model is affected using your vehicle identification number. We also provide information on any recall campaigns and everything else that is important for you and your Volkswagen.

Some scrapped VW cars at a scrap yard, ready to be recycled


Even the most wonderful vehicle service life has to come to an end someday. Find out here how this source of raw materials is used and what happens after the vehicle has been returned. This service is free-of-charge for you, provided the legal conditions have been met.

Customer Service

Do you have any questions on the current situation at Volkswagen or the status of your vehicle?

VW service employee checks a checklist in front of a red VW on a hydraulic ramp with open bonnet

How to deal with an emergency – our rescue data 

In the event of an accident, quick and above all precise action is needed. With the aid of our rescue data sheets, you’ll learn how to deal properly with serious situations – so you can protect not only yourself, but also everyone else involved in the accident. Plus, the respective documents can be easily downloaded from our model overview.