A woman in a red jacket standing in front of a VW ID. and an illuminated VW logo

ID. software update 2.1

The workshop update is the prerequisite for future updates. Plus, it features a range of great new features for you!

A visualisation from the id 3 far range of the Augmented Reality Head-up Display
What is the update 2.1 about?

In addition to add-on functions such as App-Connect and far range of the Augmented Reality Head-up Display, various other upgrades are part of this large software update for your vehicle. AC charging (time-controlled) and Connected ACC are only some of them. Volkswagen drivers come first for us and so will you. Therefore the update also includes further elements and functions based on feedback from ID. drivers.

Do you already have the ID. software 2.1?

Do you already have the ID. software 2.1?

A woman sits in her VW ID.3 and connects her smartphone to her car via App Connect.

Then you can perform the online update to the software version 2.3 now. There’s no need to go to the workshop for this update. How does it work? Find out here!

Update process

Here, we’ll provide an overview of the process at your Volkswagen Partner and what to expect from the next steps.

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