VW Golf GTE in a city centre with Asian features next to a vegetable stall where two young women are sitting.

The Golf GTE

Double the driving pleasure.
The Golf GTE.

Driving pleasure as standard: the maximum output of the Golf GTE is 180 kW (245 PS). This impressive value is achieved thanks to the model’s efficient plug-in hybrid technology.

The Golf GTE has many highlights. Here are three of them at a glance:

White VW Golf GTE next to a vegetable stall where a woman stands looking at the car.


Offering you a sporty, elegant appearance

Technical representation of the hybrid drive of a VW Golf GTE, bonnet and rear are shown transparently.


Plug-in hybrid technology 180 kW (245 PS).
Performance is good, efficiency is better.

Interior of the VW Golf GTE, view of the cockpit, woman using the touchscreen of the infotainment system.


Perfect sport comfort.