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The Golf R.

When technology doesn't just progress, but races forward.


From the racetrack directly to the road: thanks to the permanent 4MOTION four-wheel drive and powerful TSI engine with turbocharger technology and direct injection, you can enjoy an extraordinary driving experience. Thanks to the 7-gear DSG dual clutch transmission, you will also benefit from efficient acceleration without traction loss.

  • Engine

    It's like it was made for motorsports. The Golf R.

    With a powerful 221 kW (300 HP), greater torque and remarkable acceleration levels, the Golf R brings masterful power to the road.

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    Maintain traction.

    Do you want to enjoy good grip, even while driving wet and rough ground? Thanks to optional 4MOTION four-wheel drive, you can do so almost anywhere.

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  • Adaptive chassis control (DCC)

    Set up your chassis just how you like it.

    You set the pace – whether relaxed or fast: the settings options for the optional adaptive chassis control DCC let you adjust your running gear to suit your individual driving style and the road surface.

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  • Sport HMI

    Keep an eye on the performance values.

    How much power does the powertrain provide? How high is the charge pressure? Now you can always keep an eye on the technology. The Sport Human Machine Interface (HMI) will keep you informed about the performance of your Golf R.

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  • Launch Control

    Optimised for short and long haul and the racetrack.

    The road is its home, and the Golf R is entirely in its element here – but it feels happiest on the racetrack.

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  • R Performance titanium exhaust system

    The optional R Performance titanium exhaust system not only looks great, it also sounds great.

    The R Performance titanium exhaust system was developed together with Akrapovič.

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  • Performance Package

    Even rawer, even less compromising, even more strong-willed.

    With the optional Performance Package from Volkswagen R, you can squeeze even more out of your Golf R.

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The premium equipment in a motorsports look and the clean design language with R-specific features set your Golf R apart. The wide range of details available also means you can choose between different equipment features.

  • Exterior

    Ideal curve. Including in the design.

    A Golf R through and through: the headlights that provide dynamic cornering light and the sporty bumpers give the vehicle a striking and powerful presence.

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  • Interior

    Performance you can touch.

    The design of the interior is an effortless continuation of the exterior – perfectly capturing the motorsports feel. Premium sport seats, attractive details made of leather and a striking R logo complete the sports look.

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  • Alloy rims

    Huge dynamism in every revolution.

    You will love the dynamic look of the alloy rims on your Golf R, both in motion and at a standstill, and they'll give your vehicle a truly sporty look.

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Assistance Systems.

Intelligent driver assistance systems can increase driving comfort and help you manage critical situations – or even avoid them.

  • Area monitoring system and adaptive cruise control

    Stay relaxed in busy streets.

    With optional adaptive cruise control (ACC), you can be more relaxed on the road. The “Front Assist” area monitoring system, which includes City Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Monitoring, comes with models from the Comfortline series upwards.

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  • Traffic Jam Assist and “Emergency Assist”

    To keep moving forwards when nothing’s moving much.

    The optional Traffic Jam Assist system supports you in nerve-racking stop-and-go traffic and can help you avoid typical traffic jam collisions. The optional “Emergency Assist” system can detect when the driver is no longer able to drive, and takes on semi-automatic control of the vehicle.

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  • “Blind Spot” sensor “Plus”

    This is how your Golf R can help you change lanes and drive out of parking spaces.

    As you drive, the optional Blind Spot Sensor with Rear Traffic Alert warns you, within the limits of the system, about vehicles in your blind spot. It monitors the areas to the side and rear of your car as you reverse out of a parking space.

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The Infotainment systems in the Golf R meet high demands, with a touchscreen, fitted as standard, optional gesture control and much more.

  • Radios

    If you want, you can use it just to listen to the radio.

    Do you love listening to music while driving, but also want to stay well-informed whilst enjoying first-class comfort? Then you will be delighted with the two radios on offer.

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  • Navigation

    Making sure you enjoy the journey.

    The two optional navigation systems offer a wealth of innovative functions and leave virtually nothing to be desired. They will make sure you stay on course and enjoy the best of entertainment.

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  • Car-Net "Guide & Inform"

    Stay on the road and up to date.

    With Car-Net “Guide & Inform”, find exciting destinations near you, or look for nearby parking spaces or the closest filling station. Receive current traffic information with optional recommendations to help you circumvent traffic jams, or news from the Internet.

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  • Phone Calls

    It’s this convenient to do business on the road.

    With the optional “Business” mobile phone interface, phone calls are convenient to make and come with good voice quality, and you can simply continue calls begun outside of the car via the hands-free system.

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  • Active Info Display

    You see exactly the information that you want to see.

    The analogue tacho is outdated. On request, you can replace the traditional tube design for a high resolution display. The innovative Active Info Display instrument cluster can give you information far beyond your speed and fuel level.

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  • Apple Music

    Enjoy up to 6 months free of Apple Music.*

    Volkswagen Car-Net now offers you even more advantages than ever before: Up to 6 months of Apple Music are waiting for you with a choice of over 50 million songs ad-free. Experience Apple Music in your Volkswagen via Apple CarPlay or on iPhone, Android, Mac, PC and other devices. Look forward to exploring the world’s most exciting new music and exclusive content such as in-depth artist interviews and today’s hottest sounds on the Beats 1 global livestream. Sounds good to you? Find out more at [URL of local Volkswagen Apple Music site].

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