T-Roc at night
T-Roc at night
T-Roc at night

The T-Roc

Impressive. Right from the start. 

Striking design. Bold statement. Sports car with a coupé silhouette – the T-Roc is many things. There’s one thing it isn’t: standard. 

The T-Roc has many highlights. Check out these three:

T-Roc Sport parked outside a bar the driver walking around the rear of the vehicle


Two-colour lacquer

Show your true colours


The look you want  


Design the way you like it

Rear view of T-Roc Sport with dark-red tail lights in LED technology
T-Roc Style interior with dash pads in Energetic Orange


Show your true colours

Monotone not your bag? Then combine your preferred lacquer with an additional colour for the roof, rear view mirror and A-pillar.

  • For the T-Roc Sport: black and ‘flash red’
  • For the T-Roc Style: black, ‘pure white’, ‘black oak brown metallic’ and ‘flash red’