, 2019-09-24 11:32:22
T-Roc Sport / T-Roc Style

The new T-Roc.

Self-assurance is in its genes.

Do you appreciate good design and uniqueness? The confident T-Roc stands out from the crowd with its expressive crossover design and countless customisation options.

Leave a long-lasting impression.

If you are looking for expressive design, countless customization options and high-quality workmanship right down to the last detail then the T-Roc is sure to impress.

  • Two tone paint

    Stand out from the crowd.

    Monotony and the T-Roc are two things that just don’t go together. With the two-tone paintwork available for the T-Roc Style, there is no doubting its style. In the T-Roc Sport, you can choose between Black and Flash Red*.

    * To be introduced at a later date

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  • Rims

    Looking good for you: the range of wheels for the T-Roc.

    Exceptional and stylish: its optional rims have a confident appearance like the T-Roc itself. Follow your own ideas and add a personal touch to your T-Roc.

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  • Character

    Show the world who you are.

    On the hunt for a car with a distinctive character? Behind the wheel of a T-Roc, you get to drive a cutting-edge crossover that impresses with its confident design.

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  • Light

    Putting the spotlight on you and your car.

    By day or by night: The T-Roc’s lighting concept impresses with its unique design and striking daytime driving lights built into the bumpers.

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Designed to suit your lifestyle.

Comfortable and spacious, the T-Roc offers you plenty of space to bring your personality to life. Forward-thinking design elements add to this overall impression – along with countless customisation options.

  • Individual design options

    As individual as you are.

    Just the way you want it: Design the interior for the T-Roc Style in line with your personal tastes, adding an individual touch with coloured accents.

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  • Cockpit

    In the cockpit, you can keep a good grip on everything.

    Welcome to the cockpit! Here everything is geared towards making every journey as comfortable as possible for you. And with the optional multifunction steering wheel, you can control an array of functions without having to take your hands off the steering wheel.

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  • Space

    Sitting pretty.

    Anyone who is looking for something extraordinary is normally looking for added space, too. You can have both! Despite its compact size, the T-Roc still has plenty of space for your passengers and luggage. The raised seating position is yet another of the vehicle’s benefits.

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  • Comfort

    Make yourself comfortable.

    Climb aboard, sit back and relax. Inside the T-Roc, you will find comfortable seats with optional leather trim and coloured accents, as well as a panoramic tilting/sliding roof to raise your passengers’ eyes.

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Avoid unnecessary stress.

Even when you're used to tackling things yourself, the T-Roc can lighten your load in a number of situations. In best-case scenarios, its assistance systems can even help you to avoid accidents completely.

  • Relaxed driving

    The T-Roc does it all for you.

    And it’s not just critical situations when you’ll be happy to have assistance systems like the standard “Lane Assist” system, the optional adaptive cruise control, the optional "Traffic Jam Assist" function, and the optional “Emergency Assist” function on board: they also make day-to-day driving even more convenient.

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  • Front Assist with City Emergency Braking

    Stay relaxed in busy streets.

    Do you ever wish you had an assistant that could watch the traffic ahead for you? Make driving more relaxed with the standard Front Assist area monitoring system including City Emergency Braking System and Pedestrian Monitoring function.

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  • Park Assist with parking sensors

    Conquer the roads. And that free parking space, too.

    Driving into a parking space can become a real test of patience. How good is it to know that the optional parking assistance systems in the new T-Roc can help you to find a parking space and even park your car with ease?

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  • "Blind Spot" Sensor with Rear Traffic Alert

    This is how your T-Roc helps you change lanes and drive out of parking spaces.

    As you drive, the optional Blind Spot Sensor with Rear Traffic Alert warns you, within the system’s limits, about vehicles in your blind spot. It also monitors the areas to the side and rear of your car as you reverse out of a parking space.

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Get more out of every journey.

Make the most of your time in your T-Roc. Cutting-edge Infotainment in the T-Roc keeps you up-to-date and enables you to make phone calls using the hands-free system, play your favourite song or even navigate to your destination. And if you like, it will even listen to your every word thanks to the voice control function.

  • Connectivity

    Driving offline? Never again.

    The Internet can be pretty handy – in your T-Roc, too. The optional Car-Net “Guide & Inform”, Car-Net App-Connect and Car-Net “Security & Service” packages have plenty to offer to make day-to-day life and extraordinary circumstances even easier.

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  • Active Info Display

    Letting you see precisely the information you want.

    Analogue is so yesterday. On request, you can replace the traditional tube display for a high-resolution display. The innovative modern Active Info Display instrument cluster gives you information far beyond your speed and fuel gauge.

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  • Radio and Navigation

    Making sure you stay on course with great entertainment.

    In your T-Roc, you decide what’s on. You can choose from two radios, each with matching loudspeakers, intuitive controls and plenty of connection options. Alternatively, you can opt for the “Discover Media” navigation system that leaves virtually nothing to be desired.

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  • Soundsystem beats

    Do you want bass?

    Turn it up – your own personal gig awaits! On request, a system created by sound specialists Beats Electronics makes sure your T-Roc has just the right level of bass. beats by Dr. Dre headphones aren’t the only way they demonstrate just how good music sounds.

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  • Mobile phone preparation

    Keeping you well-connected.

    With the optional “Comfort” telephone interface and inductive charging function, you can charge your mobile phone without any wires. Thanks to the inductive aerial connection, you can enjoy top-class quality during your calls. Making calls when you’re on the road has never been easier.

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As efficient and flexible as you are.

You've come to expect high-performance – particularly from your car. To make sure you experience it, the T-Roc comes with optional 4MOTION for ideal traction on almost any terrain, sports suspension for ideal handling and DCC adaptive chassis control.

  • Performance

    That’s because we know that you love to make sure energy is used as efficiently as possible.

    With the T-Roc, you’re always a long way from boredom. This is demonstrated by its wide array of engines. It’s taken an ambitious approach to power – and fuel economy, too.

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  • Running gear

    Experience the sportiest bond between a car and the road.

    The sports suspension and progressive steering improve driving dynamics if you prefer a sporty driving style.

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  • 4MOTION Active Control

    Keep your cool, even in the toughest of conditions.

    Discover something new! When combined with the T-Roc’s optional 4MOTION drive, you can enjoy the 4MOTION Active Control, which provides you with custom-fit settings for a variety of terrains. In addition, in on-road mode you can choose from five driving profiles using driving profile selection.

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