Hit the road with our car batteries

Hit the road with our car batteries

Read more about our product information and the product comparison test of our AGM starter batteries here. And if you still have questions: Take a look at the battery FAQs.

The car battery is the main cause of breakdowns  

Use the right battery

What does your Volkswagen need to be ready to roll? You got it – energy from the starter battery. With our products, you’ll reap the benefits of both quality and functionality.

Your benefits

  • The perfect fit:
    Delivers exactly the right amount of energy your Volkswagen needs.
  • More power:
    Thanks to an above-average lead content and high-quality materials.
  • Secured energy:
    In addition to the standard statutory warranty of two years, we offer an extra year on top – that means a three-year warranty.

Volkswagen AGM starter batteries: product test

With a start/stop system, it’s not only when you set off that you need to start the engine – it’s every time the vehicle stops for a period of time, for example when you hit a set of traffic lights or are in the filter lane. Moreover, the battery still has to supply all the electrical equipment in the car.

A conventional wet battery wouldn’t withstand this stress for very long. That’s why we install Volkswagen Genuine Start/Stop Batteries. They’ll win you over with their incredible cold start capabilities, long service life and an extremely low self-discharge rate.

Objective tester: The test was carried out by the independent battery test facility, “akkuteam Energietechnik GmbH”, which specialises in batteries and alternative power technology. The Fraunhofer Institute provided scientific support during the test.

The test candidates

  • Volkswagen AG Genuine AGM Starter Battery (part number 000 915 105 CC)
  • Exide EK 700
  • Banner Running Bull
  • Moll Start Stop Plus
  • Fiamm VR760
  • Intact AGM 760
  • Tudor TK700

Is our Genuine Part really better or is a battery from the free parts trade just as good? For the test, AGM batteries with a nominal capacity of 68 to 70 Ah produced by Volkswagen AG and a range of other brand manufacturers were purchased anonymously. According to the product label, the batteries from the open parts market were suitable for use in start/stop vehicles.

Three starter batteries from each producer were bought to make sure that the various tests were conducted under the same starting conditions.

Full result

Test winner! The genuine AGM starter battery with 12 V 68 Ah from Volkswagen AG is the only battery in the test to pass all inspection points. In all three cold start tests and the capacity test after the start/stop test, it delivers far and away the best results.

 Battery for VW

Notes on the test

We’d like to point out that the results stated here cannot be taken as a generalisation. They refer only to the products named and not to any others available on the market. The test protocols generated by “akkuteam Energietechnik GmbH” are on file at Volkswagen AG and can be viewed there.


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The Volkswagen battery: FAQs

Can I change my car battery myself? Why do I need a new battery? Find all frequently asked questions on starter batteries here, and of course the corresponding answers.

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