, 2019-09-24 11:32:22
VW Polo GTI 3-4 Front

The Polo GTI.

Three letters for which words fail you.

The letters GTI have always been synonymous with exceptional performance and genuine driving thrills. The new Polo GTI carries on this tradition, attracting admiring glances with its dynamic appearance.


Both famous and infamous, “GTI power” has been synonymous with driving enjoyment for over 40 years. Prepare to be inspired by the performance data, as well as by the modern technology that assists you when driving.

Design & Equipment.

The dynamic look immediately conveys what’s hidden under the bonnet. Internally as well as externally, GTI insignias uphold a long tradition of modern design and advanced technology.

  • Exterior

    Show off!

    A GTI can be recognised from afar – thanks to its characteristic GTI features, combined with its progressive design. The latter includes the red trim strip, honeycomb-shaped ventilation grille, red brake callipers and dynamic alloy wheels.

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  • Interior

    Surround yourself in the feel of GTI.

    The iconic GTI design continues in the vehicle interior, including the decorative stitching on the steering wheel and floor mats, as well as the checked “Clark” seat covers. Even more importance has been placed on comfort.

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  • Lights

    After all, you want to see well – and look good.

    Lighting the way, in more ways than one: the headlights with cornering lighting and the fog lights look good at the same time as aiding good visibility. The tail light clusters shine with reliable LED technology, fitted as standard.

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  • Wheels

    Get your eyes moving too.

    The standard 17 inch “Milton Keynes” alloy wheels are both striking and self-assured. On request, your vehicle can also be fitted with 18 inch “Brescia” wheels, which also reveal the red brake callipers.

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Can sportiness be combined with everyday driving? The GTI has always mastered this art. Enjoy plenty of comfort – every day.

  • Seating comfort

    The seat helps to support you.

    Do you want a seat that embodies the GTI tradition and also supports a sportier driving style? The Polo GTI provides sports seats that offer a firm support when driving more dynamically and incorporate integral lumbar support that helps to take pressure off your spine.

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  • Active Info Display

    Even racing drivers will envy you this cockpit.

    The optional Active Info Display combines the speedometer, rev counter, navigation map and other information you need on the screen behind the steering wheel.

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  • Sunroof

    Sun, wind and more: the sunroof has many functions.

    Enjoy the beautiful view: thanks to the panorama tilting/sliding roof, you have a clear view of the sky and sunlight and pleasant fresh air can pour into your Polo.

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Whether you need to make a call while driving, require current traffic information, want to reach your destination using the navigation system or simply want to listen to your own music – your Polo GTI offers various options for using modern technology in a convenient and uncomplicated way.

  • Radio

    If you want, you can use it just to listen to the radio.

    Do you love listening to music while driving, but also want to stay well-informed whilst enjoying first-class comfort? Then you will be delighted with the two radios on offer.

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  • Phone system

    Making communication easier.

    Speak your mind – but please keep both hands on the wheel as you do so. The new Polo also offers the optional “Comfort” mobile phone interface.

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  • Car-Net

    Connected to everything that’s important to you.

    You’re almost always online with your smartphone. Why not with your car, too? Car-Net takes the Polo onto the information highway – with a host of benefits for you. Soon you’ll no longer want to be without the wealth of information services.

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  • Apple Music

    Enjoy up to 6 months of Apple Music for free.*

    Volkswagen Car-Net now offers you even more advantages than ever before: Up to 6 months of Apple Music are waiting for you with a choice of more than 45 million songs. Experience Apple Music on your iPhone or Android smartphone as well as on your PC or in your Volkswagen via CarPlay. Look forward to exploring numerous highlights like the live radio station Beats 1 Radio, up-to-date cultural information and exclusive content - streamed or offline, but always without commercial breaks.

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Assistance systems.

The intelligent driver assistance systems in your Polo GTI deliver enhanced driving comfort and can help you deal with critical situations well or even avoid them. Even if you don’t always notice this technology, it feels good to know that it’s there.

  • “Front Assist“ and ACC

    Stay relaxed in busy streets.

    Sometimes the unexpected can happen. The Polo GTI can be useful.

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  • Blind Spot

    This is how your Polo helps you change lanes and drive out of parking spaces.

    As you drive, the optional Blind Spot Sensor with Rear Traffic Alert warns you, within the system’s limits, about vehicles in your blind spot. It also monitors the areas to the side and rear of your car as you reverse out of a parking space.

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  • Driver Alert System

    Don’t let fatigue catch you out.

    It never tires of keeping you awake: the Driver Alert System. The system evaluates your driving behaviour and recommends that you take a break if your steering patterns are not consistent with a focused driving style.

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