On holiday with an electric vehicle

On holiday with an electric vehicle: here's how it works

April 9, 2019

Taking the kids to school, going shopping, driving to work and back home: you can handle your day-to-day life effortlessly with an electric vehicle. Yet even fans of electric mobility are often still hesitant about going on holiday in an electric vehicle. However, their fears are largely unfounded. These helpful tips make longer journeys with electric vehicles a pleasure – without any worries about ever running out of power.

Find out here:

  • Which apps help you plan the journey
  • Which countries have the highest density of charging stations
  • What you should consider when paying at the charging station
  • Which charging connectors are useful for travelling
Planning travel with electric vehicle

Plan well

A holiday with an electric vehicle requires a little more planning than a holiday with a conventional vehicle. The range of the vehicle and the network of charging stations are the most important aspects - an overview of the charging stations is essential. There are a variety of apps such as ChargemapOpens an external link.

Taking the panoramic road Grand Tour of Switzerland with an electric vehicle

More in the north than in the south

The further north you go with an electric car, the better the network of charging stations. Focussing on Europe, Norway and the Netherlands are the leaders. Both countries have made it their goal to ensure that charging stations are never more than 120 kilometres apart. In the last year, Switzerland made the 1600 kilometre long "Grand Tour of Switzerland" panoramic road completely passable with electric vehicles - thanks to 200 new charging stations. You can also travel throughout Germany, France and Austria with electric vehicles without any concerns. In southern countries such as Italy or Spain, the picture is not quite as rosy.

Travelling through Norway with an electric vehicle

At one with nature: eco-conscious living.

You need a payment card to ensure that you will not only find the route to the next charging station but can also recharge your electric vehicle for the next leg of the journey. The card you need depends on the provider. In some cases, you will need to register beforehand. Inform yourself ahead of time about which cards you need for which routes. What stations can you use easily? The tourist information office in the respective country is the most reliable source of information. Recharging over night at the hotel, camp-site, marina or the delivery ramp of a supermarket is usually straightforward. Very important: always take various charging connectors with you to ensure that you can recharge the vehicle almost anywhere.

Enjoying holidays with an electric vehicle

Plan in recharging stops

Quick charging stations are the most convenient way to recharge while travelling. You can take a comfortable break and eat something or do some sightseeing before continuing the journey with a charged battery. However, quick charging stations are not available everywhere. The average charging time at a public A/C charging station is considerably longer. It makes sense to include the charging stops in your plans for the day and take the time to enjoy the sights.

e-Golf with snowboard holder driving through a snowy mountain landscape

The journey is its own reward

That is why we recommend choosing charging stations with a view toward both the capacity and connector type and their surroundings. Apps such as TripAdvisorOpens an external link make this easier than ever. Now you can discover places that you once might have simply driven past. The perfect spot for a photo? A nice little restaurant? A historically interesting village? Electric vehicles make these discoveries part of the holiday itself.

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