VW T-Cross in Makena Turquoise and with "Energetic Orange" design package

The new T-Cross

Fully prepared for the everyday. But never run-of-the-mill.

Uniquely versatile. Incomparably compact. Paired with on-trend crossover design and everyday practicality. In short, the T-Cross is a modern adventurer and master of transformation who is reinterpreting the signs of the times.

The T-Cross has many highlights to offer. Here are just three at a glance:

VW T-Cross on stands on street in town, partly shaded, in the foreground goes a man

Optional design packages

Your true colours have never been so on-trend

View of folded rear seats of the VW T-Cross

Front seats

Comfort comes first. But there’s flexibility too.

Woman sits relaxed in the driver's seat, the driver's door is open, the passenger seat, on which the tip of a surfboard lies, folded down.

Passenger compartment

Fold forwards, fold back, fold down. It works a treat.