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Beauty in every sense.

The design of the new Arteon leaves a lasting impression. But can it also be felt by someone who can’t see it? This question was answered by blind photographer Pete Eckert. His vision of the car proves: The Arteon is beauty in every sense.

The story about Pete Eckert.

Pete Eckert is a blind photographer. He was born sighted but halfway through his life he went totally blind. He works with his other senses: sound, touch and memory. By these senses, he builds images in his mind. He uses long exposures and colored light to create unique effects around the Arteon. The impressive results speak for themselves.


Aerodynamic contours, frameless windows, a striking rear design – the Arteon’s allure endures far beyond the first encounter. And the R-Line trim level features additional exterior highlights that emphasise these dynamic elements.

  • Exterior

    Attention-grabbing. From any angle.

    The Arteon’s elongated contours and long wheelbase give it a highly distinctive profile – and an abundance of space wherever you are seated. The frameless side windows are especially attention-grabbing, exuding quality and elegance in the style of a classical fastback.

  • R-Line & Elegance

    Premium design from elegant to sporty.

    For those who want even more – the equipment variants Arteon R-Line and Elegance offer the ultimate in comfort, sportiness and design.

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  • Tail light clusters

    Evocative lighting concept.

    The modern LED tail light clusters at the rear lend the new Arteon a powerful presence and outstanding dynamic range. The optional sweeping LED turn indicators featured in the R-Line and Elegance trim levels are a striking, safety-enhancing feature.

  • Lettering

    The Arteon lettering.

    The Arteon lettering on the rear holds out the promise of more: guaranteed to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.


The features of the new Arteon are as impressive as the car itself. They turn every ride into a unique experience that will tantalise all your senses.

  • Adaptive chassis control DCC

    Drive in your own personal style.

    Sporty, comfortable, normal or in your own individual style: you determine how your new Arteon is to drive. Optimised adaptive chassis control DCC continuously reacts to the road and the driving situation. This is extremely pleasant for you as it allows you to enjoy a high level of driving comfort combined with optimum driving dynamics.

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  • Interior

    Welcome to a world of quality.

    Discover in the new Arteon an extraordinarily attractive selection of equipment options, exquisite materials and innovative comfort technologies.

  • ergoComfort seats

    Arrive. Even before you set off.

    Lean back and enjoy the exquisite interior with its exclusive materials and superlative comfort. The ergoComfort seats, which are extremely gentle on the back and optionally available in Mistral Grey and Raven Grey "Nappa" leather ensure that you experience every journey in comfort. Thanks to the optional 14-way adjustment with massage and memory function, adjustable lumbar supports and generous headroom and legroom, the Arteon has maximum comfort and relaxation in mind, even before you arrive.

  • Multifunction steering wheel and Active Info Display

    Information never felt so good.

    The heated multifunction leather steering wheel lets you stay in charge of the vehicle and your information while on the move. And with the innovative Active Info display, content such as rev counter, speedometer and mileage indicator – even detailed data on the trip and the various driver assistance systems – are arranged in your direct line of sight at the heart of the dash display.

  • Easy Open

    The lightness of travel.

    In the new Arteon, comfort and convenience begin even before you set off. Offering a generous 563 litres of luggage space, the boot is generously proportioned by fastback limousine standards. And thanks to the “Easy Open” sensor-controlled luggage compartment opener, a flick of your foot under the rear of the vehicle is all it takes to unlock the electric boot lid. The time-delayed electric closing function means you can close the boot lid at the touch of a button, leaving you free to load and unload at your leisure.

  • Tilting/sliding panoramic sunroof and ambient lighting

    Jump in and let your senses run riot.

    The new Arteon affords an incomparable field of vision. Also thanks to the sliding/tilting panoramic sunroof framed by ambient lighting, which allows the sky to shine brightly, whilst creating a pleasant light in the vehicle interior.

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Assistance systems.

Attention to detail: the new Arteon offers premium design as well as driving pleasure. It leads the way in terms of new driver assistance systems.

  • "Park Assist"

    Parking with finesse.

    "Park Assist" manoeuvres you elegantly into your parking space. All you have to do is operate the accelerator, the clutch and the brake. The system takes care of the rest.

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  • Dynamic cornering light

    Cornering at the speed of light.

    Dynamic cornering light with predictive functionality illuminates bends in the road before you even start to turn the wheel. This means that you can see – and be seen – much better on winding roads.

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  • "Dynamic Light Assist"

    Enlightening in every respect.

    The optional "Dynamic Light Assist" package optimises illumination of the carriageway by controlling the main beam automatically and ensuring greater visibility on the road.

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  • "Emergency Assist"

    There for you when things don't go to plan.

    In medical emergencies, the optional "Emergency Assist" can warn occupants and other road users and bring the Arteon to a controlled stop.

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  • "Front Assist"

    Keeping a lookout ahead on the road.

    "Front Assist" area monitoring system with "City Emergency Braking" and pedestrian detection monitors the traffic and supports the driver with possible emergency braking.

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  • "Traffic Jam Assist"

    Assistance in stop-and-go traffic.

    The optional and innovative "Traffic Jam Assist" system can help the driver in stop-and-go traffic and thus prevent collisions in traffic jams.

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Enjoy first-class communication and navigation options and treat your ears to the optional premium sound system in the new Arteon.

  • "DYNAUDIO Confidence" sound system

    Journey into a world of sound.

    You won't believe your ears. Experience first-class sound with the "Composition Media" radio, the optional "DYNAUDIO Confidence" premium sound system and DAB+, also optionally available.

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  • Navigation

    Navigation can be as easy as this.

    Two navigation systems are available on request, both of which are exceptionally user-friendly: "Discover Media" and "Discover Pro".

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  • Phone system

    It is safer to make phone calls with both hands on the wheel.

    You can choose to stay contactable even while driving. The optional "Comfort" and "Business" mobile phone interfaces allow you to keep both hands on the wheel and your mind on the road.

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  • Head-up Display

    Always in focus.

    The head-up display presents key driving information directly in your field of vision. Speed, traffic signs and assistance systems, as well as warning and navigation messages, are pushed directly to the high-quality head-up display on the windscreen.


Innovative technologies enhance your driving in the Arteon.

  • Car-Net App-Connect

    Use your apps in your Volkswagen.

    Operate the most important functions of your smartphone from the centre console. Telephony, messaging and music are available at the touch of a button. At Volkswagen, we call this App-Connect. Three innovative technologies that let you integrate smartphone content onto the touchscreen of your infotainment system: MirrorLink™, Apple’s CarPlay™ and Google’s Android Auto™.

  • Car-Net "Security & Service"

    Protection for you. And your vehicle.

    When's the next service due? How full is the fuel tank? The online Car-Net "Security & Service" package gives you mobile access to important vehicle data and a direct link to the right contact at Volkswagen. With the "Emergency Call Service", you are covered even in the event of a serious incident.

  • Car-Net "Guide & Inform"

    Driving offline? Never again.

    Stay better informed when out and about with the optional Car-Net "Guide & Inform" package. For instance, find out in real time whenever a traffic jam is forming or dissipating – your route will be adjusted automatically. The online special search function lets you identify interesting locations nearby, or the nearest parking space or filling station.

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