We Upgrade - Always up-to-date
We Upgrade - Always up-to-date
We Upgrade - Always up-to-date

We Upgrade.
Pre-programmed for your future.

This is an offer by Volkswagen AG, Germany.

Wishing you all the (belated) best for the future.

We Connect is your introduction to the latest generation of mobile online services in the new Golf. Your vehicle is Internet-ready from the outset if you want it, and there are many We Connect services available. After one-time activation and logging in with your Volkswagen ID, We Connect makes your day-to-day more pleasant and convenient. You can now also activate selected new functions for your Volkswagen after it has been purchased. Customisable to suit your needs at a later date. And it’s easy to do online. In your infotainment system In-Car Shop. You can view the We Upgrade functions available for your vehicle here as a primary user.

Your Volkswagen never stops learning: We Upgrade functions for the new Golf

We Upgrade - Intuitive voice control

Voice control: “Hello Volkswagen

Your Golf understands you. By saying “Hello Volkswagen”, you enter into a natural dialogue – for safe and convenient control of telephony, media or navigation. Activate voice control for your “Discover Media” navigation system and control numerous vehicle functions using your voice. After all, depending on the vehicle model and equipment, many different functions can be controlled using your voice. This allows you to focus completely on the road and enjoy driving even more.

We Upgrade - Access your smartphone data quickly and easily

App Connect: Access your apps in your car

With App-Connect, selected apps and content are transmitted directly to the display of the infotainment system in your Volkswagen via a wired connection and can be comfortably and clearly controlled within your line of vision. That makes it incredibly easy to access music, news, maps or audiobooks, for example. Volkswagen offers three interfaces for connecting smartphones, with numerous options: Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™ by Google and MirrorLink®. Wireless use of Apple CarPlay™ is also available as a We Upgrade function for the Discover Media navigation system. To avoid distraction, only certified apps can be started during the journey. 

We Upgrade - Turn up or dim your headlights automatically, dazzle-free

Light Assist: Dazzle-free. In virtually every situation.

With the Light Assist main beam control system, you’ll see driving at night in your new Golf in a whole new light. Light Assist uses a camera installed behind the windscreen to detect oncoming traffic or vehicles driving ahead and automatically switch between dipped and main beam (within the system’s limits). The future’s bright (but not too bright).

Mood Lighting: For inner peace.

Give your new Golf a little more personality. The expansion of the basic ambient lighting enables the interior to be lit according to mood, thanks to the individual choice of colour. Light the interior according to mood in up to 32 different colours. Whether you prefer cooler or warmer lighting, you’re in the bright lights of the big city or on a dark country road: on every trip, you can create a different atmosphere to suit you and your passengers.

We Upgrade - Ambient lighting for your interior

We Upgrade. Do you?

Already got the new Golf and a valid We Connect contract? Then enjoy a month’s free trial and try out selected functions as a We Connect primary user via your In-Car Shop now.

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